Full and accurate information about everything that your audience sees on TV

Syncronize Digital And any events on TV

Automatic monitoring of TV-events of interest is conducted daily and around the clock in 160 cities and over 1000 channels using a unique TAPe-technology of instant recognition and accurate identification of clips on television. Use monitoring data to monitor completeness and the quality of the implementation of your own TV campaigns and adjust your media strategy taking into account all marketing activities in your market.

AdSwitcher automatically activates the planned on-line Google and VKontakte, campaigns, and also sends notifications to start digital activities on your site in the very same the moment when the target audience is broadcast a certain video on television. Take advantage of opportunities simultaneous communication with AdSwitcher to significantly improve the effectiveness of your own advertising, as well as convert TV campaigns of competitors, suppliers or even all industry players. Google and VKontakte

Services work in real time with on-line access through a convenient WEB-interface.

  • Actual data available on-line 24/7
  • The most wide cities and channels panel
  • Accurate identification of video clips without samples and pre-recording

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4 countries
160 cities
1000 channels